Medicinal Honey

Medicinal Honey

Jun 26 , 2022


Gail Reade

Honey has never been scientifically assessed for its effectiveness in treating upper respiratory tract infections until now.

Scientists from the University of Oxford have been studying research databases for studies comparing honey and preparations, using honey as an ingredient, with standard medical care.

The results have been published in The British Medical Journal. Their findings indicated that honey was more effective than the usual method for the improvement of symptoms of sore throats, blocked noses, coughs and congestion. It found that those who had been treated with honey had improving symptoms two days in advance of those who had not.

What is most important to note is that honey has antimicrobial properties and therefore can also help in wound healing because of its high viscosity it helps provide a barrier to prevent infection.

Honey is considered a superfood and has over time to present day been used medicinally. It contains valuable nutrients and holds healing properties. Honey has existed for millions of years before humans walked the earth and offers great health benefits to adults and children.  Please remember that honey should not be given to infants under the age of 12 months old.

We know that our ancestors also valued honey and all of the goodness it brings, archaeologists   having found evidence of this. Ancient Egyptians, ancient Greeks, the Romans in ancient times also in ancient India all valued the healing properties, taste, nutritional value, sweetening properties and honey was also considered to be sacred.

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