Ban on Microbeads

Ban on Microbeads

Jun 26 , 2022


Gail Reade

It’s all about microbeads

Firstly what are microbeads?

These are small beads made of different types of platics that have over the years been favoured by cosmetic companies to put into the likes of body scrubs, facial cleansers, toothpaste, hair products etc.

Do they have an adverse Environmental effect?

Absolutely! As soon as they are washed down our drains then the devastation begins. They cannot be filtered out at our water treatment stations and so are passed onto our waterways, then finally into our precious seas. These microbeads will not break down and so are ingested by marine life. These microbeads pollute our seas and are polluting the very food that we eat.

With the recent news about the banning of microbeads in cosmetic and personal care products let’s have a look at the alternatives that the big companies are now using.

Suggestions are ground walnut shells, ground apricot shells ( from the seed of apricots), sugar and bamboo powder along with other kinds of exfoliant. The question now is how sustainable are some of the aforementioned items?

Walnut shells- Waste product - Sustainable

Apricot shells (ground seeds) - This depends on the source of the seed. It would be potentially sustainable if the seeds were to be taken from let’s say a factory that was producing apricot food sources such as dried apricots, tinned apricots, any producer who was using apricots in their ingredients.

It would not be sustainable if the ground apricots were being grown solely for the seed and the flesh going as waste.

Bamboo - Easy fast growing in various climates - Sustainable

Here at Tree Bee Cosmetics we favour Ground Almonds as an exfoliant in our Shea Butter and Almond Body Scrub. The ground almonds give the benefit of not only being sustainable and environmentally friendly but will also give a gentle buffing effect while exfoliating. Almonds nourish and rejuvenate and provide a good source of vitamin E.

So there you have it, fabulous feeling skin, without any harm to our amazing marine life, our oceans and water sources and the animals that use it.

Tree Bee Shea Butter and Almond Body Scrub is gentle enough to also use on your face with good exfoliating properties. Gently massage this wonderful scrub all over your body and face whilst dry then enjoy a lovely long soak in the bath to wash away to reveal an all over super soft skin. Once you are dry why not treat yourself to our luxurious all natural Frankincense Body Butter which will leave your skin feeling super silky.

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