We are a U.K. Government registered not for profit Community Interest Company (CIC), our core aim is to save and protect Great Britains Bumble and Honey Bees. We do this by funding research projects, educational talks, public speaking and by providing a unique and highly specialised bee removal service from domestic and commercial properties for bees that have come into conflict with mankind.

Bee Removal

We provide a unique and highly specialised bee removal service across the UK, from domestic and commercial properties for bees that have come into conflict with mankind.

Funding Research Projects

The Tree Bee Society work closely with various educational organisations to deliver lectures on professional bee removal, why bees are so important to us and what can be done to save our bees. We also provide practical sessions for staff and students to get involved in beekeeping!

Educational Talks

Our educational talks are available for any group. We have presented to many different groups, ranging from the Girl Guides, Primary Schools, The National Trust and the Women’s Institute. If you would be interested in booking one of our professional beekeepers to come and speak at your next meeting, please contact us.


By supporting the Tree Bee Society, and donating as little as £2 a month, you can help us provide additional hives to our
apiaries allowing us to rescue more colonies of bees, feed them and ensure they survive their first winter. Alternatively, you can help us by buying our handcrafted products using the beeswax and honey from our rescued bees.



Our key aim is the preservation and protection of bees. Our beekeepers are experts in the removal of bees in a non-harmful way. We re-home all of the bees we remove instead of using using lethal means.


We have two types of removals that we perform, ‘trap-out’ or live removal. The type of removal we would use would entirely depend on the property and the urgency to remove the bees.


All of our courses help towards the funding and upkeep of our  hives (and their maintenance), maintenance of our apiaries, purchasing feed for bees that have been removed to ensure they survive their first winter and other general ongoing costs.

Are you thinking of becoming a beekeeper?

Our master beekeeper Andy at The Tree Bee Society of Great Britain is accredited and certificated by United Kingdom Rural Skills (UKRS). The training course is designed for anyone that is thinking about taking up beekeeping but is not sure where to begin, how much time and effort is involved or how much it all costs.

Or are you just looking to do more at home?

As the Urbanisation of human dwellings increases in order to accommodate an ever increasing human population, the natural nesting sites of the United Kingdom’s pollinators such as Bumble and Honeybees are being compromised. This is causing these critically important insects to find new nesting locations, increasingly our homes and places of work are becoming the chosen location of colonies of these stinging insects bringing them into direct conflict with mankind.


Are you looking to take up birdwatching? 

Written and delivered by an ex RSPB reserve warden and experienced ornithologist this accredited training course is designed for enthusiasts, beginners and individuals who want to gain a more informed insight into birdwatching. This rural skills training course commences at Mere Sands Nature Reserve and is taught in the open air over one full day and will involve walking to different local birdwatching locations around the reserve.

Or are you looking for a more advanced course?

Following on on from our one day introductory course, we have designed a course for enthusiasts, beginners, intermediates and individuals who want to gain a more informed in depth insight into birdwatching. Our skilled instructor will provide you with structured and guided learning on diverse birdwatching subjects such bird identification, species diversity, bird behaviour, conservation issues, habitats and bird topography.

Keeping Poultry

Our skilled instructor will provide you with structured and guided learning on keeping chickens as a source of eggs or just as pets; as well as poultry feeding, accommodation and health and hygiene dos and don’ts. Current legislation will also be covered. This training course provides a unique hands on experience at a local farm either before you start, or to resolve problems you have encountered with your own chickens.

Photography – Aperture

Photography is a leisure activity enjoyed by millions but have you ever wondered why the pictures you take never look as good as those images taken by the experts?


Geocaching is the worlds largest treasure hunt, all around us are hidden containers known as caches. Each cache has been deliberately hidden by someone and can only be found by using a unique set of co-ordinates.

This rural skills training course has been written to help you understand how to get the most out of this fun and free global outdoor game by teaching you the history of geocaching and how to locate different types of treasure, from geocoins, trackable’s, hard to find micro caches, puzzle caches to earth and science caches.

Environmental Awareness

This accredited training course aims to give trainees knowledge and understanding in environmental awareness and allows trainees to view realistic scenes and be tested on their knowledge retention. In today’s world, environmental management, energy efficiency and waste reduction have become synonymous with business success.