Home Made Hand Sanitiser

Home Made Hand Sanitiser

Jun 26 , 2022


Abigail Reade

Due to the current outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) I had trawled the local shops to find even a small hand sanitiser and failed miserably, I thought that I might produce some of my own. After all, I do hand make TreeBees's  range of Organic, Natural Hand Creams, Delicious Vanilla and Honey Lip Balms and fantastically scented Soap Bars, so applying my talents to Home Made Hand Sanitiser shouldn't be a problem.

The main ingredient to my Hand Sanitiser is Surgical Spirit and you can purchase from most chemists at a reasonable price. Word of warning - Surgical Spirit has a habit of drying the skin so for this reason, I decided to put something in the mix to soften your hands. I also recommend that you follow up using the Hand Sanitiser by using an all Natural, Organic Hand Cream after the Sanitiser has dried, to avoid your skin drying out, our TreeBee 100% Natural Geranium Beeswax Hand Cream. is perfect for the job and comes in either 30ml or 85ml tins.

I found that I could soften the Hand Sanitiser by adding in Aloe Vera Gel and mixing with some Tea Tree Essential Oil, to give the mix its antibacterial element and cinnamon essential oil for antimicrobial properties. You can add any other essential oil of your choice for scent - I find Lavender, Orange or Peppermint works well.

What’s needed?

  • Small Mixing Bowl or Jug
  • Bottles to put the mixture in
  • Spoon to mix!


  • 158ml Surgical Spirit
  • 79ml Aloe Vera Gel
  • 10 Drops Cinnamon Essential Oil
  • 10 Drops Tea Tree Essential Oil


Simply add all the ingredients into your mixing bowl and mix them together! Once well mixed, pour into your hand sanitiser bottles! I find these small travel bottles are great and they can be found in places such as Home Bargains, B&M Bargains and most other retail outlets. This mixture should make up to three small bottles – great for keeping with you and handy to use wherever you go!

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