Raw Honey Preston

Raw Honey Preston

Raw Honey Preston, quite simply put, is honey that has come straight from the hive, into the jar. It’s the pure, sweet creation from the nectar, collected from numerous flowers on a Honeybee’s foraging flights throughout the day. Once the capping’s have been removed and the honey taken from the extractor, raw honey Preston does not go through heat treatments, is not pasteurised, and is not processed.

Raw honey Preston is purported to have many medical benefits, including helping with indigestion and nausea and can look cloudier than supermarket bought honey. It can contain bits of pollen, bits of honeycomb and propolis and can be used to flavour teas, cakes, used in cooking or curing meats or even as a breakfast treat spread on toast!

Tree Bee believes that the bees make the honey exactly how they intended for both themselves and us to enjoy. Nothing added, nothing taken away, just pure, raw honey, from hive to jar. You can be sure to know that if you buy our honey, you are buying honey from bees rescued locally and producing raw honey.

100% Natural

Unpasteurised, not treated, straight from the hive to the jar just as the bees intended.

From Rescued Bees

All of our bees have been rescued from across the UK from our live bee removal service, saving them from extermination.

Ethical Beekeeping

Here at the Tree Bee Society, we’re all about keeping our bees in the best way for them, we are after all a conservation group!

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