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Tree Bee’s Local Blossom Honey is produced in our 10 acre field in West Lancashire. Raw, unpasturised and free from any additives or chemicals, our Bees are free to roam and forage wherever they please. Common plants foraged on can be found in Wildflowers, Orchards, Crop Fields, Allotments and even Household back gardens!

Tree Bee Honey is only taken from the hives after winter, when we can be sure that the weather is warm enough and that there is enough forage for the bees to continue making their delicious honey. If the bees do not have enough honey for us to take, we leave it with them. For this reason, Tree Bee Honey is in short supply!



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The Tree Bee Society is a supplier of top quality, none pasturised, straight from the hive Local Honey. All our Local Honey is raw, pure and has no extra additives or preservatives.

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