Food Wax Covers


Only want half an onion to cook with? But you don’t want to waste the other half? Don’t wrap it in cling film – wrap it in one of our Food Wax Covers!

Our coated cotton wraps will cling to themselves, making wrapping any leftover food item easy to do and unlike plastic wrap, they’re 100% reusable, so once you’re done, just give them a wash in lukewarm water, dry them off and you’re ready to go again!


Food Wax Covers are 24cm x 21cm

Use in place of disposable plastic such as cling film and other wrapping material. Do not microwave the cling food wraps and do not use them to cover food in the oven. To clean your cling food wraps, please wash in lukewarm soapy water and hang to air dry.

Material patterns may change and may not be the same as the pattern displayed here. All of our cling food wraps are made using ends of material and so the material will vary.

Our Food Wax Covers are made using a mixture of our Beeswax from rescued Bees and Tree Resin.

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Weight 0.111 kg

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