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April 15, 2018
April 15, 2018
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Conflict Bees Nesting in Urban Dwellings

Designed specifically for the Pest Control and Facilities/Property Management Industries, this course aims to inform about the identification, nesting habits and behaviour of the most common pollinator species of Bumble and Honeybee that may be encountered as a conflict species.

This informed knowledge gained from this course can then be used to decide the best course of action for each species, such as information advice and guidance for cohabitation, interim seasonal remedial action or the eventual live removal of the colony by suitably trained and qualified individuals.

This course will also train those in attendance on Honeybee Swarm Removal, allowing those who have attended access to our Tree Bee Swarm Collection Scheme.

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Upon completion of Conflict Bees Nesting in Urban Dwellings, you will be added to our list of Tree Bee Approved Technicians. This allows us to recommend you as a Approved person to potential customers in your area. You will receive a vehicle sticker to show your approval, along with additional information only available to those who have attended our course along with advice and help from the Tree Bee team. The Tree Bee Approved Technicians status lasts for three years, upon which time you must attend a refresher course.

Courses are on the following dates;

21st February 2019 – Preston
28th March 2019 – Derby
24th April 2019 – Derby
24th June 2019 – London

Details of location and time to be confirmed closer to the date.

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