Blossom Honey


  • Blend of Nectar from Various Plants
  • Sweet and Thick
  • Raw, Unpasteurised, Cold Press Honey
  • Straight from the Hive to the Jar.


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TreeBee Blossom Honey is a beautifully sweet, runny honey, made perfectly by the bees. Our Blossom Honey contains a wide collection of Nectar and Pollen from various blooms!

Our Work
The Tree Bee Society are at the forefront of British Bee Conservation and live bee removal. When bees come into conflict with humans, the Tree Bee Society are often called in to carry out one of our award winning live removals. During our bee removals we aim to rescue all bees live, re-homing them into a TreeBee hive and bringing them back to one of our apiary sites across the UK. Our main 10 acre field is now thriving with a mix of both Bumble and Honeybees that we have rescued and removed from various properties across the UK, making it a haven for wildlife.

TreeBee Honey is only harvested from the hives from Spring onward, leaving the bees with their honey to feed on throughout the winter, taking only the excess to ensure that all TreeBee Rescue Honeybees are receiving exactly the right nutrition and food at exactly the right time. Bees survive over winter on the honey they have produced over the summer, so removing it at this time guarantees their winter survival.

Our Promise
TreeBee’s promise to you is that you receive the finest, purist and tastiest honey when you order from our website. We don’t put additives into our honey and we don’t heat treat or pasteurise our honey, ensuring that it arrives to you exactly as the bees made it.

100% pure honey, straight from the hive to the jar, with no added preservatives, made by rescued bees.

Please note: Depending on the period during the season that the honey is removed from the hive, depends on the consistency. To view more of our Honey, click here.

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