A graduate of the University of Athens specialising in honey and herbs, Gails passion is to formulate products with natural ingredients that will not cause harm to our beautiful environment. She produces all of Tree Bees fabulous, luxurious cosmetics with only the most natural ingredients sourcing a majority of them from our very own hives where our recued bees live.

“I have suffered constantly over the years myself, with dry, cracked skin and used prescribed as well as over the counter products to no avail. I was never truly happy either with introducing cracked skin to the chemicals that are present within these formulas.”

Initially it was for this reason that Gail first produced a natural hand cream. With having beeswax and honey readily available, sourcing them from our own hives and excess wax and honey from our honeybee rescues, she was eager for others to benefit from this fantastic product. When the hand cream proved a huge success Gail went on to formulate other natural products including our fabulous Cling Food Wraps.

Ban On Microbeads

It’s all about microbeads Firstly what are microbeads? These are small beads made of different types of platics that have over the years been favoured by cosmetic companies to put into the likes of body scrubs, facial cleansers, toothpaste, hair products etc. Do they...

Where do Bees shop?

What shop does a Honey Bee get its food from??? We ask our children these days a similar question….” Where does your food come from?” I bet most children would say from Tesco or Asda or Aldi or even Morrison’s, not giving it a second thought about where and how it all...