The bumblebee can differ in size depending on what they do in the colony, however they are generally bigger than both Wasps and Honeybees. They are categorised by their loud buzzing, lazy flying motion and size and can often be found nesting in the ground (in old rodent nests) and also above ground (loft insultation, bird nests, bird boxes). Bumblebees are seasonal and their nests will generally last from the beginning of Spring through to August/September.

There are numerous different types of Bumblebee, which means their markings are very different as well as their nesting habits. The Tree Bee (B.Hypnorum) is a type of bee commonly found nesting in and around our properties. The Tree Bee Society carry out removals of all Bumblebees, safely removing the nest and bringing it back to our field here in the North West. More of our Bumblebee removal work can be seen in our Gallery.



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