Abigail Reade
Thursday, 10 May 2018 / Published in Uncategorized
Gail Reade
Thursday, 05 April 2018 / Published in Gail's Blog
With the news that China is now rejecting tonnes of UK waste plastic we should all be thinking about what we as individuals can do. It is reported that 55% of UK waste plastic went to China or Hong Kong which is a quarter of all the UK’s recycling exports. We here in the UK
Gail Reade
Thursday, 18 January 2018 / Published in Gail's Blog
It’s all about microbeads Firstly what are microbeads? These are small beads made of different types of platics that have over the years been favoured by cosmetic companies to put into the likes of body scrubs, facial cleansers, toothpaste, hair products etc. Do they have an adverse Environmental effect? Absolutely! As soon as they are
Gail Reade
Tuesday, 28 November 2017 / Published in Gail's Blog
What shop does a Honey Bee get its food from??? We ask our children these days a similar question….” Where does your food come from?” I bet most children would say from Tesco or Asda or Aldi or even Morrison’s, not giving it a second thought about where and how it all begins. So let
Andy Reade
Wednesday, 22 November 2017 / Published in Andy's Blog
Male bees also known ‘Drones’ congregate in special areas called Drone Mating Zones or DMZ’s to mate with virgin honeybee queens. Little is known about these areas, where they are, or even how the drones know how to arrive at these areas to compete amongst many thousands of other drones to mate with the queens.

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