Our Story

"I've got Wasps in a Bird Box..."

Tree Bee started out as a pest control company – TRG Pest Control. The call came in from a panicked customer, who claimed she had wasps in a bird box in her garden and it was stopping her family from enjoying the outdoors. Upon attending the property, Head Beekeeper Abi and Beardy The Beekeeper soon realised that they were not faced with Wasps, but instead a species of Bumblebees.

They quickly made the decision to Save the Bees, but how? The answer was our Bee Rescue and Removal Service, where we would live remove the bees from our customers properties and re-home them with members of the public who wished to have the bees. It quickly became very popular with local farmers, growers and allotment owners and so The Tree Bee Society CiC was born, a not-for-profit dedicated to the live removal of Honey and Bumblebees.

Made with Wax from Rescued Bees

A natural outcome of carrying out numerous Bee Removals is an excessive amount of Beeswax! We were quickly running out of room for all the Beeswax that our Rescue Bees were producing.

With Beeswax being all Natural, Anti-Bacterial, Moisturising and Eco-Friendly (amongst others!) we took the decision to start producing our own range of Beeswax products, starting with our popular Skin Care range!

Researched, Reviewed and Tested by Beekeeper Gail, our Beeswax products contain only the highest quality ingredients, using all natural Butters and Oils, proudly hand made by Gail, using Beeswax from our very own rescue bees.

Thinking of the Environment

In line with our Ethical Beekeeping practices, we only put the best into our products to bring our line of Ethical Beeswax Products to you.

Our products are Paraben and SLS free, we search for the best suppliers for our ingredients, they’re all tested by an independent chemist prior to being put on sale and they’re proudly ONLY tested on Beekeepers. If we’re not happy with a product, we simply wont put our name to it.

By shopping with us, you can not only guarantee that you’re supporting British Bees, but you can also be confident that you’re buying a quality, ethically produced product.

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