About Tree Bee

The Tree Bee Society is a U.K. Government registered not for profit Community Interest Company (CIC), our core aim is to save and protect Great Britains Bumble and Honey Bees. We do this by funding research projects, educational talks, public speaking and by providing a unique and highly specialised bee removal service from domestic and commercial properties for bees that have come into conflict with mankind.

Through our award winning rescue and removal service, we are able to successfully remove these conflict colonies from all over the UK back to our field in the North West of England. Colonies are taken from chimneys, roofs, walls – anywhere a swarm of honeybees can move into a property. Quite often these colonies can cause problems within the building they’re in, honey can cause damp issues as well as block up cavities. Many colonies will be killed by pest controllers and local authorities, which isn’t always guaranteed to kill the colony. More about our honeybee work can be seen here.

Bumblebees will quite often nest in soffits, under decking, bird boxes and other easily accessible cavities around our homes. The bumblebee we most often get calls for is Bombus Hypnorum, or the Tree Bee. These bees can most often be found in loft spaces and bird boxes and are most noticible during their breeding season, where the bees appear to be swarming. They are identified by their ginger backs and white tails. Like the honeybees, we are able to successfully remove these nests and bring them back to our field for the remainder of the season. If you think you have a bumblebee colony at your property, please follow this link to book in with us for a Site Survey.

How are we funded?

As a multi-award winning not-for-profit, we are funded through the removal work we carry out, generous donations and also the sale of our cosmetics range. All of our costmetics are hand made by our beekeepers, using the finest natural ingredients, including our beeswax and honey and are not tested on animals. All of our products are used on and approved by our beekeepers prior to putting them on sale and are tested by an independent chemist to make sure that what we say is in our products, is 100% what’s in them. If you’re interested in supporting us and purchasing our products, please head over to our shop.

We do not exploit the bees, but we do harvest the excess honey and beeswax that they produce to produce a range of natural cosmetics, the sales of the cosmetics helps us to self fund our conservation work. Beeswax and Honey is only taken when it will cause no detrimental effect to the health of the colony.