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December 4, 2020

Bumblebee Removal in 2021

After such a tough 2020 and Andy deciding that this is FINALLY the year he semi-retires, we’re going to be cutting back on some of our non-essential work. This is to allow us some extra time to spend with our family and loved ones a year after barely seeing each other!

While we encourage you send in your Bee Removal forms and we will be looking over them all, we wont be replying to all of the Bumblebee Removal Requests, only those Bumblebee removals where it is both necessary and potentially an emergency. Some examples of this are;

  • Schools/Nurseries/Educational Establishments
  • Doctors/Hospitals etc.
  • Nursing/Care Homes
  • Where occupants are at risk

The majority of Bumblebee nests are perfectly harmless and safe, are not there forever and can be ignored and left until the bees have gone.

What About Honeybees?

Honeybees are slightly different to Bumblebees in that they’re not seasonal, they don’t just go away on their own and can cause quite a problem if left in a property. For this reason, we’ll be replying to and dealing with your Honeybee Removal Requests throughout the year, whether it’s an emergency or not.

What Do I Do With These Bees Then?

Don’t worry! We’re not just going to leave you hanging! While we wont be providing a removal service to all reported bumblebee colonies, we will be updating our website regularly to bring you blogs and posts with tonnes of information on about Bumblebees, why they’ve chosen where they’ve chosen and how to go about living with them (and when to call in some extra help).

You can always contact us via, however if you’re enquiring about Bee Removal, we recommend you use the Bee Removal Form, which can be found here.


  1. kathryn newbery says:

    Hi we have bees in a bird box that is very close to the house. I’m worried about the risk to ourselves and our young grandchildren. Can you give us any advice about removal?

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi there, we are troubled by a bumble bee nest that is behind the bay window facia. We can not have any windows open without numerous bees entering our home and with a young kitten this is proving to be impossible. I do not want to have to get someone in to destroy it but as the weather is getting warmer we cannot continue like this. Could you make any suggestions please.
    Kind regards

    • Abigail Reade says:


      We are not dealing with bumblebee nest removals this year and to remove a bumblebee nest where it is would involve invasive work to the property.

      I would recommend leaving them until they finish naturally in August/September and purchasing fly screening to prevent the bees from entering open windows.

  3. J Byrne says:

    I have honey bees in a redundant chimney that’s linked to our main bedroom. The chimney is accessible through the fireplace but capped off at the top, though the bees have found a way in under the cap. Wife/kids never stung before, so no idea of vulnerability. We cleared 100/day from the bedroom before taping up the fireplace entrance.
    They appeared in the room a week ago, and are active around the pot now. We don’t want to kill them but don’t have a bottomless pot of cash to dismantle the chimney (assuming we can find scaffolders who want to work with bees).
    All/any suggestions welcome. Ideally, we’d like to get them out, move them on, seal the pot again. We love bees, but sharing a bedroom long term not an option.

  4. Garender kaur says:

    I have got bees around the house , they keep going in and out of the roof outside the house , I am not sure what type of bees they are . Would you please give me a quote to remove them .


  5. Mandy Morgan says:

    I think we have tree bees, which are swarming at the side of the house under the eaves. There are a lot there flying up and down the side of our house and we have found a couple inside the house on a side attic window ledge. We have had no windows open so we know they are getting in through the cavity and into the house. We share a drive with our neighbour and they also have a nest in the guttering by the eaves of their home. They were there first and now are swarming by our house and getting in. Please can someone help us, my young daughter and myself do not like them.

    • Abigail Reade says:


      It sounds like you have harmless bumblebees, they don’t sting, they would only get aggressive if you were physically on the nest upsetting them, they don’t damage the property, they don’t swarm and they don’t create honey.

      The activity you have described as swarming is stingless male bees waiting to mate with females on the inside of the nest. These males are from other nests in the area and similarly males from your nest will be around other people’s houses. The bees have been there since about March and the only reason you’re really aware of the nest is because of the stingless males. The nest finishes naturally around August/September. I would recommend leaving the nest until it is finished, then completing work to seal up any gaps on your property.

  6. Sofia says:

    Hello I have a tree bee nest in my wall cavity I’m allergic to bee stings and worried sick about them coming in they have come in through the waste pipe overflow in the toilet the bees seem to be in the wall but the now redundant cistern overflow pipe now is fed through to the mains waste and there are gaps where the pipe used to be leading to inside the bathroom . It is a new build breeze block rockwool and brick .I’m so desperate nobody can seem to help with removal of bees and the nest as well Iv been quoted 3000 which is a sum of money I just don’t have !! Initially I expected a man up a ladder would be able to do it however it seems like health and safery calm for scaffolding etc it’s only ceiling height I couldn’t believe it !! Is there possibly any help you could give a desperate woman !! Lol I’m actually becoming I’ll just with the worry of this thing possibly having fatal consequences if there is any way you could offer guidance or know of anyone locally in Lancaster that could help I’d be so greatful thank you

    • Abigail Reade says:


      Unfortunately this year we are not dealing with bumblebee removals.

      With bumblebees, in order to remove them, you must be able to physically pick up the nest, which is why the quotes you are receiving are so high, because there would be some work that would have to go into the removal.

  7. Cheryl Smith says:

    Hi there, my neighbour has just informed me that there is a large swarm of bees(I don’t know what type) that are bothering her they are swarming between our houses but going in to the cavity wall of our house through a gap where cables go into the house, she wants me to get them removed can you help?

    • Abigail Reade says:

      As per the banner on our website we are not currently dealing with bumblebee removals. If you suspect that these bees are honeybees, please complete a bee removal form on our website.

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