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August 5, 2020
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August 20, 2020

With the news that China is now rejecting tonnes of UK waste plastic we should all be thinking about what we as individuals can do. It is reported that 55% of UK waste plastic went to China or Hong Kong which is a quarter of all the UK’s recycling exports. We here in the UK quite simply cannot cope with the amount of plastic that we produce. It is OUR problem each and every one of us, we can no longer stick our head in the sand and hope that it will go away or even have the mind set of;

‘Someone will deal with this; it will all get sorted out I’m sure’

This is not the case. Our country is in an environmental crisis. We are all visitors to this world and so should treat it as we would if we were paying a visit to a wise, old knowledgeable relative or friend. Treat it with respect and offer it help whenever we can. This is how we must think in order to preserve our environment, and let future generations continue to reap the benefits. We have to respect our flora and fauna. We all need to play a part however small or great our efforts, they ALL matter.

After looking up numerous articles and spending much time reading I have discovered that most of the waste plastic in the UK actually goes to landfill. This is very worrying given that China and Hong Kong is no longer prepared to take any of this waste, in turn figures for landfill will increase in UK.

So now I hear you all asking the question, “What can we do?”

By just making small changes to our day to day lives we can help. For instance, how many of you take lunch to work? Can we assume that some part or even all of your lunch is wrapped in cling film, maybe you make lunch for the children to take to school or for a picnic for a much needed day out, having carefully wrapped it up in cling film in order to keep it fresh and tasty.

The alternative to using cling film is to use fabric wax wraps. These are handy beeswax and tree resin coated swatches of cotton fabric. The wax wraps will cling to dishes as well as clinging to itself, just the same as cling film does. Once used, just a gentle wash in some warm soapy water, leave them to dry naturally and they are ready to be used again.  These are a fabulous solution for keeping food fresh without the environmental issues that cling film has, and you are doing a little bit to help secure a more beautiful environment for the future.

Tree Bee has the solution to the cling film problem. Why not try our food wax covers instead of cling film. These are produced by using wax from our rescued honey bees and are completely reusable We have them in various sizes, casserole dish 19ins x 14ins, bowl 10ins x 10ins, food (for individual items) 9.5ins x 8ins, and glass or beaker (good for keeping drinks free of wasps on those long hot sunny days) 4.5ins x 5ins. We also have a clever little sandwich wrap that fastens with buttons and cord to keep everything fresh and no spills.

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